Top 9 Best coffee maker mat for countertops in 2021

Are you searching for the best coffee maker mat for countertops? If the answer is yes then you are in the right place. First of all congratulations on deciding to use coffee maker mats.

Because keeping a coffee maker directly on the kitchen countertop without protection can cause scratches and stains. The scratches and stains can damage or harm the countertop. Not only that, but the cleaning process also becomes harder for coffee lovers. 

But putting a mat under a coffee maker can save you from these problems. Mats are very easy to clean and look very nice under a coffee maker. It gives a very elegant look to your kitchen as well. That’s why you should use a coffee mat.

But it’s very hard to find an excellent mat that is specially made for coffee makers. But guess what!! We have done the hard work for you. It takes almost more than a month to make this article. Here, We have shortlisted the top 9 best coffee maker mats for countertops or kitchen bars.

All mats are listed considering different sizes, quality, materials, and user reviews. You can use any of these fantastic coffee maker mats according to your needs.

Table of 9 Best coffee maker mat for countertops



Key features

Check Price

1. URBN Premium Coffee Maker Mat for Countertop or Kitchen Bars

✓ Size-18in x 14in x 0.4in          

✓Material- Heavy Duty Premium Rubber

✓No of Pieces- 1

2. Coffee Maker Mat, Black 2 PK

✓ Size-11.9 Inch x 17.8 Inch                       ✓Material-Rubber

✓No of Pieces- 2

3. 4 Pack Kitchen Appliance Sliding Mats for Coffee Maker

✓ Size-12" x 10" , 12" x 14"

✓ Material- Rubber

✓ No. of Pieces-4

4. Pour-Over Coffee Maker mat

✓ Size-11.8 in x 9 in x 0.25 in

✓ Material- Silicon

✓ No.of Pieces-

5. 4-Pack Mats for Coffee Makers and other appliances

✓ Size-10”x8”, 10”x12”, 12”x14”& 16”x14”     

✓ Material-Rubber

✓ No. of Pieces-4

6. Coffee and Java Maker Mat

✓Size-12 Inch x 18 Inch


Fibers (viscose, polyester, olefin)

✓No. of Pieces-

7. Mungo Coffee Mat for Coffee Station


✓Material-Polyester, Cotton

✓ No. of Pieces-

8. 2 Pieces Coffee Placemat Coffee Bar

✓Size- 14 x 20 inches 


✓No. of Pieces-

9. Washable Coffee Maker Mat for your Coffee Station

✓Size-12" x 18" 

✓Material-Fabric & Rubber

✓No. of Pieces-1

Top 9 Best Mat for under coffee maker

Here, we have discussed the 9 best coffee maker mats listed based on user reviews, quality, price, and size. You will definitely find the mat which suits you. For, this keeps reading the article. Our buying guide will also help you if you will face any problems.

1. URBN Premium Coffee Maker Mat for Countertop or Kitchen Bars:

URBN Premium Coffee Maker Mat for Countertop or Kitchen Bars

URBN premium coffee mat is the best coffee maker mat on our list. It’s designed especially for coffee lovers. The size of the mat is 18’’ x 14’’ which is large enough for any large drip coffee maker like Keurig. It’s made of premium quality rubber and comes with 10 mm thickness which makes the mat durable for long use. This black-colored mat is uniquely designed with different coffee names in white color at the top and bottom edges and at the middle ‘’Coffee makes everything better wording’’.

Spillage of coffee can damage your kitchen area but this coffee mat is perfect to catch spillage of coffee. That means the cleaning process also will be very easy as this rubber mat takes a very minimal effort to be cleaned. Not only that, It provides a non-slip surface for coffee makers, mugs, cups, or glasses which ensures your safety as well. You can use this product in any area like in the kitchen, dining, or bar. Overall it’s an ideal coffee maker mat for countertops.

  • Premium quality material and look
  • Perefect to catch coffee spills
  • Large size
  • Very easy to clean
  • It’s ideal for a coffee shop, a counter, or a coffee station.
  • No cons!!

2. Coffee Maker Mat, Black 2 PK

Coffee Maker Mat, Black 2 PK

This is a very premium quality mat that will be a great addition to the kitchen or coffee bar. It’s made of heavy-duty rubber and has a soft texture. The gripping is also very good and can hold the coffee maker, mugs, glasses, and other coffee accessories perfectly.

You will get 2 black colored mats in this pack. When you clean one mat, you can use another one alternatively.

It easily catches Spills of coffee that could protect any type of countertop. So, now you don’t have to worry about brown stains.

The size of the mat is 11.9″ x 17.8″ which is quite enough for large coffee machines. It can be easily fit under a 10 cup coffee maker. You can store the mat anywhere just by rolling. No doubt, it’s a premium quality mat that can be also gifted to your loved one.

The only problem that we found in the mat is that you will get a rolled-up mat. And when you will try to flat the mat, it won’t be perfectly flat.

  • Non Slip material
  • Can be used alternatively
  • Durable
  • Can fit under the big sized coffee makers
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • Perfectly catch coffee spills
  • Comes with a bad smell
  • It wouldn’t sit flat if it comes rolled tightly

3. 4 Pack Kitchen Appliance Sliding Mats for Coffee Maker

This 4 Pack Sliding Mat will make your life easier if you are tackling these problems. Like, you are tired of lifting and moving the heavy kitchen appliances, or you are not getting the perfect fit mat for under the coffee maker. In this package, you will get exact solutions.

This mat solves the previous mat’s problem because of its soft and smooth construction.

The sliding mats are versatile and easy to glide on the countertop even with a heavy coffee maker. Besides the coffee makers, you can also use these mats under the toaster, blender, and food processor.

Now you can place your coffee machine at any corner of the kitchen. In this bundle, you are getting a total of 4 mats with two different sizes of 12″ x 10″ and 12″ x 14″. For both sizes, there are two mats.

You can customize the mats according to the size of your coffee maker by cutting them to acquire the desired size. The usage is also effortless because it is machine washable and could be cleaned only by wiping it out. The delicate stitched edges provide durability in the long run. The mats will add great value to your kitchen countertop without a doubt.

  • Sliding Backing
  • durable and firm
  • Sturdy rubber material
  • You can Customize the size
  • Stubborn oil drops can be cleaned easily by wipeout
  • With heavy products sliding don’t work properly

4.Pour-Over Coffee Maker mat

Pour-Over Coffee Maker mat

This (11.8 x 9) inch mat for under coffee maker is ideal for anybody who enjoys pour-over or french press coffee. This mat is constructed with high-quality silicone that protects the bar countertop by resisting heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degrees Celsius). You may place the pour-over kettle on top of the mat without hesitation. It’s designed specifically for pour-over coffee makers.

The coffee maker mat for countertops comes with a thickness of 0.25 inches. It protects the countertop from scratches and keeps your expensive coffee maker safe. This stylish silicone drying mat guarantees excellent waterproofing by allowing for optimum drainage. Raised edges of the mat prevent coffee spillage from flowing outside the mat. You can use this waterproof mat on your coffee station counter also.

This countertop protector comes with 100% food grade and BPA-free premium quality material which makes it safe and durable. This excellent product is available in two colors, gray and black. It will give an elegant look to the kitchen or bar countertop. You can easily clean this coffee maker mat.

  • Machine washable
  • Resist heat up to 450°F (232°C)
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • BPA free
  • 100% Food grade
  • Durable
  • N/A

5. 4 Pack Non-Slip Mats for Coffee Maker

4 Pack Non-Slip Mats for Coffee Maker (2)

Are you looking for something different from above all these coffee mats? Like a combo pack at a very less price and which can be placed under a coffee maker, mixer, blender, or toaster. Then you can think of the 4 pack mats. Because this 4 pack includes 4 different sizes (10”x8”, 10”x12”, 12”x14”& 16”x14”) of mats at a very low price. Stitched edges of these mats retain their shape and ensure durability.

It also differs by its easy moving facility that will help you to move your heavy kitchen appliances like coffee maker, toaster, blender with ease. You can use these mats under your coffee maker or espresso machine. So that you can slide the machine anywhere on your countertop with minimum effort. This makes heavy kitchen appliances like a coffee maker, espresso machine, etc accessible to you easily. 

It’s best for daily usage. You can also gift these mats to your friends, family members, or any other coffee lover.

  • Durable stitched edges
  • Easier to slide heavy coffee maker
  • Budget-friendly
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Easy to clean
  • No cons

6. Coffee and Java Maker Mat

Coffee and Java Maker Mat

If you are in search of an all-in-one perfect mat for under coffee maker, this could be a precious choice. The cute bean pattern on the mat can win any coffee lover’s heart and they would definitely wish to use this for their coffee station. So, the flexible mat is perfect for decorating your countertop as well.

The mat has a size of (12 x 18) Inches. That means it has enough space to put your espresso machine and mini coffee maker together. The camouflaging prints of the coffee beans will hide your coffee spills. It is the extra efficiency you are getting when you can skip washing on a busy day. You can easily wash it later on the machine.

It has sufficient reasons to be called a perfect coffee maker mat for countertops. The soaking capability is excellent so that even if the overflow happens, your kitchen will not ruin. 

You can easily slide your Keurig on top of this mat. Additionally, it has a brilliant cute feature that is it can be also used for lining serving trays. By this, you can use this mat for multiple reasons.

  • Can be used for lining serving trays
  • Has a good soaking capacity
  • Easy to clean and machine washable
  • Worth the price
  • Camouflage coffee spills
  • Not a premium quality mat
  • You will receive a folded product that will take a little time to smooth out.

7. Mungo Coffee Mat for Coffee Station

Mungo Coffee Mat for Coffee Station

We personally recommend this product to you because of its premium quality. If you are searching mat to put under the coffee maker, just use it.

Now your kitchen countertop and coffee bar will be stainless and clean. I know you are in search of a placement that will save your countertop and decor it. Mungo coffee Bar mat could be an exclusive choice for that. It is also an excellent gift for family members and friends.

The material of the mat is high-quality eco-friendly Cotton. It is easy to wash and the soaking capacity is impressive. Often we struggle to find quality and attractive accessories for our kitchen in one product. But this time it will not disappoint as it has the quality and unique design.

With this placement, you are getting a 20″x14″ place, which is large enough than most other Burlap mats. You can place your Keurig machine with other coffee accessories like a coffee mug etc. The mat has strong backing with cotton fabric. The printing on the Burlap is also premium which will stay with time. So, whether you need a coffee mat to decorate your coffee station or coffee bar to avoid spills of coffee, you can use it without thinking.

  • Perfect large placement for any coffee Station
  • Strong Fabric Backing
  • Stunning design
  • Very Premium quality
  • Burlap color
  • Gives a rustic look to the farmhouse
  • Soaking capacity is less

8. 2 Pieces Coffee Placemat Coffee Bar

2 Pieces Coffee Placemat Coffee Bar

“It’s always coffee time,” this quote is enough to bring a smile to your face. Every Time in the morning when you see will the phrase, with a minimal illustration of a coffee cup, you will feel excited about your day. In this package, you will receive 2-pieces of coffee placement that you can use on alternate days.

These coffee placements are made of Burlap material without any glue or vinyl. These woven placements are durable and thin. The size is 14” × 20” which is good enough for placing your coffee maker and sugar jars nicely. The fringe design of the edge gives it an outstanding vintage, classy look as well. You can use it to decorate a coffee bar or coffee station.

It is a nice choice to save your countertop from stains and scratches with a beautiful and long-lasting placement. 

  • Cute minimal design
  • Flexible product
  • Ideal for regular usage
  • Could be a compassionate gift for your dear one
  • Too thin for some usage
  • Not a premium quality mat

9. Washable Coffee Maker Mat for your Coffee Station:

Washable Coffee Maker Mat

This stylish coffee station mat is very colorful and delightful and the perfect mat for an under coffee maker or espresso machine. It has a beautiful coffee cup fabric design on top of it and at the corner ‘Coffee Time’ wording. This brown color rubber mat is made of plastic.

The 12’’ x 18’’ mat absorbs splashes and drips of coffee in such a way that you can’t even see it. The non-slip rubber backing keeps your coffee machine in its position. You could easily keep your other coffee stuff also on top of this.

You can clean this coffee mat effortlessly by hand but if it’s required then you can wash it in the machine as well. So, you can use this mat to put it under the coffee machine and save the expensive countertop.

  • Non-slip rubber backing
  • Burlap fabric on top
  • Perfect supply for coffee station decoration
  • Machine-washable
  • Height is shorter in comparison to width.

Buying guide coffee maker mat for countertops

1. Size

Before buying any coffee placement, probably size will be the one thing you want to check first. The size of the mat is crucial because depending upon several factors you choose the perfect size. But before going to the factors, the foremost thing we should do is major your coffee maker size. Always consider a mat that is larger than the coffee maker.

  1. The first factor that you should consider is how much space you have on your countertop for placing the mat under your coffee maker. The cause is an irrelevant size of coffee mats for countertops will not fit your kitchen and also, not decor the coffee Bar.
  1. The second factor is how many things you want to put on. Like, for a Keurig or an Espresso machine with a mini coffee maker, 12’’x18” is perfect with sufficient hanging space. In the excess area, you can place coffee mugs and other stuff. While 9.85 x 6.92 inches works great for nano espresso accessories.
  1. Sometimes you may want a flexible mat in the sense that you can place it at different places. Like on the countertop, on a tea table, coffee station, or on a serving tray. In this case, choose a size that will fit all the places you want.

Some mats under the coffee maker are cut-to-fit. That means even if you buy any size, you can always customize it according to your kitchen. It is very helpful if you change your house often.

2. Quality-Material

Every material has its purpose, therefore a single thing is available in a variety of materials. When you search for the mats under a coffee maker you have decent material choices. Among them, you should choose what is suitable for your kitchen.

We have discussed some of the common materials for the mat below-

a. Rubber-mat

Rubber Mat for countertops is very handy to use under a coffee maker. They are waterproof which helps to protect the countertop from any liquid like a coffee spill. That helps to use your countertop without any stain. They are machine washable mats, so you can use them on alternate days. It is a long-lasting durable material for long-term use.

b. Burlap-mat

Burlap coffee mat is a loving choice for any coffee lover because it gives your coffee station a different dimension. Burlap mats are made with eco-friendly jute threads and you can clean the stains on the burlap mat by hand-washing. It is an ideal choice for regular usage.

c. Polyester-mat

Polyester mats are cut-to-fit which means with any size of the coffee mat, you can customize the size any time. The soaking capacity of these mats is amazing, as they save your countertop. Another amazing fact about it is that it is available in minimal style with stylish designs. They are flexible, so you can change their position from your kitchen to serving tray anytime.

3. Water Soaking Capacity

On a busy day, the overflow of an espresso machine is like a nightmare because now, it’s gonna take a lot of time to clean. But having a mat with a good soaking capacity under the coffee maker will save you. In this case, you don’t need to spend your time cleaning immediately.

You just need to clean your mat whenever you have time. You can check this Coffee and Java Maker Mat as it has excellent soaking capacity.

4. Easy to Clean

The mat saves your countertop from the spillage of coffee drips and spills. The upper surface absorbs all kinds of grimes and dirt. So it will need regular clearance. 

The spots of coffee splits don’t look pleasant on coffee placements. Weird stains of your drink can ruin your kitchen decoration. That’s why pick mats that are machine washable and easy to clean.

Rubber or polyester-made mats are very easy to clean as you can wash them with your regular laundry stuff in the washing machine. Even for a quick remedy, you can clean just by wipeout. Burlap mats are not suitable for machine wash but they are easy to clean by hand. The removal of stains from jute material is quite effortless.

5. Sliding or Non-sliding Backing

It’s a bit confusing for a buyer whether they should go for a non-sliding backing or sliding one. Well, we highly encourage you to consider your usage. If your countertop is large or you keep your coffee maker in a corner of the kitchen and you need to move that daily. It’s time-consuming work, I know. Now, in this case, a sliding mat can make your life easy. 

On the other hand, if you want a steady placement for your equipment, a non-slide backing for the mat is a perfect choice.

6. Shrinkage-free & Design

Only a shrinkage-free steady mat under a coffee maker could enhance the look of your kitchen. Besides the quality, you should give a glance at the design too to get a healthy combination for your kitchen. A beautiful mat can decorate your coffee station nicely.

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I know how frustrating it’s to see scratches and brown stains on your new kitchen countertop. That’s why our team came here with these quality mats to solve your problems. Each of these products that we have mentioned here is great and shortlisted based upon user experience, quality checking, budget-friendly prices, and durability. So, you should definitely try a coffee maker mat for countertops.

It will decore your kitchen countertop, coffee bar, or coffee station with its stylish look. But remember one thing, you should check the coffee maker and mat size so that you can get a perfect-sized mat for your coffee maker.

Please don’t forget to comment and share the article. Do comment also on the comment box which mat are you going to buy?


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