What to Put Under Coffee Maker – 4 Best Ideas

Are you finding a way to keep your countertop safe from scratches by a coffee maker? Are you tired of cleaning the countertop daily which is caused by spillage of coffee?

Then this is the time to say goodbye to these problems which you are facing right now. Here in this article, we are going to give some best solutions to keep your countertop safe from coffee makers. 

We observed that many people don’t know what to put under the coffee maker. We researched a lot to know what to put under coffee maker and found out some of best solutions which we are going to give you.

Why should you use something under the coffeemaker?

We all love to drink coffee and it brings one kind of freshness to our life. But in this happiness sometimes we forget to take care of our kitchen and put our coffee maker or espresso machine directly on the countertop. But it’s not right, one wrong decision can cost you huge in the future.

So, you always should use something under the coffee maker. If you directly put it on your countertop then it can cause scratches. Also in the morning we all are in a hurry and forget to wipe out the spillage of coffee and this can cause stains which can diminish the beauty of your kitchen. So, you should use something that can protect your countertop.

What to Put Under Coffee Maker

What to put under coffee maker?

You can use almost anything that is scratch-proof and easy to clean. It may be a rubber mat, jute mat, bamboo or plastic tray, Rolling Drawer, cookie sheet. Depending upon your need you can choose any of them. But what we observed is that maximum people use a mat or tray as it’s scratch-free and very easy to clean.

If you want things that can be put under the coffee maker carafe during the pouring coffee then also mat and tray will be best.

If you have any of these things in your house then you could use them or there are many beautiful affordable mats and trays that you can buy from online or local markets.

Here in this article based upon user’s reviews, we are discussing some of the best things that can be used under a coffee maker.

1. Rubber Mat

rubber mat for coffee maker

After so much research we found that you can use a simple rubber mat under the coffee maker to keep safe and clean your countertop. 

You can use any rubber mat like a dish drying mat or silicone mat as they are great for home use. I am sure it would be easily available in your kitchen or if it’s not then you can buy from online.

Its non-slippery material keeps the coffee maker in its position and saves you from any accidental incident.   

We know how you feel when coffee spills make your countertop dirty and after a certain time it causes stain. 

But you can easily clean the mat and dry it with just one wash. So give it a try.

Maximum users are using this Coffee Bar or Countertop Spill Mats(11.9 Inch x 17.8 Inch). It’s one of the best mats available online which can be used for coffee makers usually. It can be a great choice if you are using the mat under a Keurig coffee maker. 

You can use Smithcraft Lucky Plus Silicone Rubber Trivet Mat (9 Inch x 12 Inch) if you have a small coffee maker. For you we read user’s reviews and found they are very satisfied with this mat.

2. Coffee Maker Mat Made of Burlap/Jute

coffee maker mat for countertop

There are different kinds of mats available and one of them is a coffee maker mat made of jute. This mat is specially made for coffee machines which can buy from online. It looks stylish in your kitchen. You can use it in different places like in the kitchen, dining, bar, etc. 

It’s a perfect choice for coffee machines, Keurig, and cups. It’s also easy to wash. The size of the mat is also large enough (14’’ x 18’’). So, you can use it for large coffee makers also. 

Now, prevent spillage while pouring the coffee into the cup. This burlap placemat will give you an elegant look at your kitchen. It’s also safe for small kids and pets. So, you can definitely try this.

3. Coffee Maker Tray

tray for coffee maker

After mat one of the best things that can be put under a coffee maker is a coffee maker tray. If you are searching for something that can help to slide out and slide back the heavy coffee maker easily during your work then a coffee maker tray will be your helping hand. 

Often to move the heavy coffee machine we give our hard efforts and that can’t be possible for an old aged person but using the tray you can effortlessly slide out the coffee maker when you need and after making coffee just slide it back.

It can be easily fitted from small coffee makers to large coffee makers. So, if you want to keep your countertop clean and clear then just give it a try.

There are 2 different materials available for the tray, one is bamboo and another ABS. You can choose any as per your requirements. You will definitely thanks me for this later.

4. Rolling Drawer

rolling drawer for coffee maker

If you are searching for something that can be put under a coffee maker and store coffee maker appliances also, you can use a rolling drawer. 

This rolling drawer will help you to free up space from your countertop and store the coffee maker on top of it.

This drawer has a non slippery mat on top of it to avoid any kind of accident. So, It will give you 2 major benefits, first, it will prevent the direct connection between your countertop and coffee maker, and second, it will help you to store coffee cups and other appliances.

Now say goodbye! To your messy countertop and welcome to the rolling drawer.

Some FAQ

Where should I put my coffee maker?

If you have an electric coffee maker then first you need electricity to run your coffee maker. So, any place where you can plug your wire of your coffee maker would be great. Just you need to be sure that you have enough space to use the other coffee appliances like mugs, coffee beans, sugar, cups, etc. 

So, basically, people put their coffee maker on the countertop. You can put on your granite, quartz, or any other countertop, just put something under of the coffee maker to protect your countertop in the future. You can also put it on a low shelf.

Can you put a coffee maker on a quartz countertop?

Quartz is more durable than a granite countertop. So, you can put a coffee maker on it but excessive heat can damage your countertop. Though in-home coffee maker’s heat doesn’t hit that much level but it’s our strong recommendation to you to use a mat under the coffee maker.

 If I talk about stain then yeah it’s stain-resistant but not stain proof. A long period of stain without cleaning will definitely cause you a lot. But you don’t need to take stress, a regular cleaning will keep your countertop safe and beautiful.

Coffee maker on granite countertop?

Granite is made of 100% natural least porous stones. So, you don’t have to think about putting coffee makers on it. It’s made of durable material. Most of the granites are so dense that you don’t even need sealing. 

So, you can easily use a coffee maker on it but it’s our recommendation to maintain the elegant and polished look of every countertop whether quartz or granite put anything that is mentioned above.

Where do you put the Keurig in the kitchen?

Find a place on your countertop where the plug of the coffee maker can be easily put. Also keep in mind while choosing the right place for your Keurig that the other important things like coffee beans, mug, cups, sugar, etc are in reach or not. 

If you are using any kind of protector like mat, tray or any other thing then it can be put almost on top of every countertop like granite, quartz, etc. 


I hope now you got the answer of what to put under the coffee maker to protect the countertop. There are many things that can be used. 

You can use any of these like rubber or silicone coffee mat, burlap placemat, coffee maker tray, rolling drawer, bamboo chopping board, or even cookie sheet depending upon your need. If your main concern is just to protect the countertop then the mat will be the best choice for you.

If you want to slide the coffee maker easily without even feeling the weight of it then go for a coffee maker tray. It will also protect your countertop as it has a mat on top of it.

if your countertop always looks so messy due to many kitchen appliances then you can use a rolling drawer to not only protect the countertop but also store the other coffee appliances into it.

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